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31st December
Had a good run down the fields today, chasing hares. Yesterday I even chased some owls. Anyway, just to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. Don't forget to make your New Year wish. All I ever wish for is for all my doggie friends to be happy and hope that the dogs in Rescue get a new good home with someone that will want them and look after them properly, like I did when I was a tiny puppy. Happy New Year everyone.
28th December
Life is busy at the moment with spending time down in West Wycombe and then up in NE Scotland. Sometimes I have to sit in the car for 8 hours while Boss Woman drives up or down the road. One day I am chasing Muntjack down in Buckinghamshire and then the day after I am chasing geese or hares in Scotland Well we are up in Scotland for Christmas, which I am happy with, although it IS very windy and the sea looks like it is boiling it is so stormy. I got a lovely new pink ball for Christmas and loads and loads of Turkey, so with a nice roaring log fire we are at least cosy. Boss Woman is just sorting out details of our walk in May on the Ridgeway, which I am looking forward to. Just me and Boss Woman will be walking most of it by ourselves, with Big Guy joining us for 2 days at the weekend. Boss Woman was talking today about going to see the Stonehaven Fireballs, but I won't be allowed to go because it is so busy, I could get trodden on, or even burnt by a blazing fireball if I am not careful.
24th November
I found a baby bird in the Forest today. It didn't half squawk when I put my paw on it. I left it when Boss Woman told me to and she picked it up and put it in the bushes for safety. I didn't hurt it at all. I could hear it's mother calling it from the trees above. Boss Woman thought it looked like a baby Redwing. A massive Golden Retriever tried to bowl me over in the Forest. It was totally mentally manic, it kept running and jumping about all over just like a Rabbit. It almost knocked Boss Woman over but she put her hands out to stop it AND it dared even try to pinch Amber's stick. It's owner said it was 16 months old and she had owned him for 3 weeks and it used to be a Guide Dog but it failed because it couldn't focus on the task it was meant to do. I think he was just so happy to be out and running in the Forest, it was making up for lost time. He did try and pinch my stick but I growled and chased him off. His owner said it served him right and he had manners to learn and NOT to annoy everything in sight.
23rd November
NOW it seems that because we have dwindling daylight hours and it is pitch black at 4.30 p.m and me and my friend Amber DO like 2 walks per day, that SHE is going to get her bike out and take us to the forest for one longer run every day to tire us out. So instead of doing a 4 or 5 mile walk during the day, then another mile or 2 after tea, we will have a 6 or 7 mile one during the day. SHE said it will stop us pestering her for another walk after tea. It won't work ... I got into trouble today. I found something dead in the sand dunes and I thought it smelt so nice that I rolled in it to get the smell on me. Boss Woman was NOT amused and made me have a shower. She knows I don't like having a shower.
22nd November
Oooh I was nearly in BIG trouble this morning. Walking down the coast path and I spotted a woman with a chuckit, throwing 2 balls for her 2 black labradors. So ... I did what any self respecting Staffie x would do. I went and pinched one and ran away. The woman marched up to me and tried to take if off me. Mmmm. So, I tried to snatch it back and then she accused me of trying to bite her. Boss Woman firmly told her that NEITHER me nor Amber would ever ever bite anyone and told her that the way to get a ball off a dog was to get it to LEAVE and not to snatch it out of it's mouth/ When Boss Woman told me (well, 2nd time of telling, because it was a nice ball) to leave it, then I did. See. Easy when you know how. Her dog was sniffing my bum so I growled at it. I didn't like her or her dogs.
21st November
It is my birthday today, I am 5 years old. Boss Woman sang Happy Birthday to me but I wasn't much impressed with her singing. We were going to have steak for dinner but it wasn't defrosted in time so we had chicken instead. It was lovely, then we went for a long run in the Forest. Polly was a bit mean and she didn't want to share the football on a tug rope she got for her birthday. We had a good game of fetching the stick in the Forest which made us tired.
5th November
We had 2 Jehova's Witnesses at the door today and for some strange reason, they didn't seem to want to stay and talk to Boss Woman. Well not when me and Amber went out to say hello anyway. Very odd ...
31st October
Some stupid kid was hanging around in our garden last night and making noises. I kept barking to warn them off but they still kept coming back. I think they would have been really really scared if Boss Woman had let us run out to chase them away. Hee Hee
18th October Oooh I got into MASSIVE trouble today with Boss Woman. We all went for a walk down the coast path and me and my friend Amber went past a field of cows. Well one of the cows lowered it's head and made a strange noise, so we ran in the field to chase it. Amber went straight back to Boss Woman when she called but because the cow was chasing me and trying to kick me, I was chasing it back. Well, I had to go back to Boss Woman in the end and she gave me a big SLAP. Mmm I don't think I will go chasing cows again. We only wanted to play chasing but the cow was getting a bit mad with us.
10th October
Boss Woman has got something called viewranger ordnance maps on her mobile phone. So when we go walks in the Forests now, she can find the paths okay without getting us lost again. Well I don't mind getting lost, it means we get to go on even longer walks trying to find our way back.
6th October
The electricity man has just been to the door, so I ran out to say hello (as I do ...). There was a stick in the garden so I took it to him so he could throw it for me. He didn't, so I snapped the stick in half with my strong jaws and sharp teeth (as I do ...). The poor man looked scared and put his hands in his pockets like he thought I was going to do it to his hands next LOL Boss Woman spoilt it by telling him that I was very FRIENDLY Grrrrr
3rd October
Seems like we are walking the Ridgeway (87 miles) again next May and that I will be getting sponsored again in aid of Staffie Rescue. Mmm like I never got asked first Anyway, if you would like to sponsor me, then please do. It is in a very good cause to help my fellow dogs who desparately need help. In fact, if you would like to join us for a day or 3, you are very welcome. I am going to be in the local newspaper as well. Boss Woman said I could walk some of it as well. I had a tick on my back leg, luckily Boss Woman pulled it out with some tweezers before it sucked ALL my blood.
28th September
All the trees in the Forest are moulting and when I went swimming in the river I had to swim through a raft of leaves which made it difficult to see the stick that Boss Woman had thrown for me.
21st September
Boss Woman went away and left me for a few days. I was so upset and worried that I lost some weight and now my collar can pull over my head without unfastening it. Polly is such a wuss. I wasn't upset, athough I was very glad to see Boss Woman when she came back.
17th September
Wow what a long weekend I have had. Been down to West Wycombe to see Big Guy. Apparently that is where we are all moving to soon. What a very long drive down there and Me and Amber just settled down in the back of the car and went to sleep, seeing as there was nothing else to do. Borrrrrrrrring .....
In the fields near where we stayed there was some strange men chasing birds out of the undergrowth and some even stranger men shooting the poor things out of the sky. Seems a waste of time to me. Apparently it is a shooting estate and if I chase the birds I get shot, but if the strange men chase the birds, some other strange men can shoot the birds. How does that make sense? The birds don't stand a chance at getting away but at least if I chase them they ALWAYS get away. Mmmm very odd AND the dead birds are so full of shotgun pellets that they can't even be eaten. We went for some very nice walks though and walked from Uffington Castle to Wayland Smith, where Boss Woman and Big Guy picked loads of sloes from the bushes. I think Boss Woman is going to make some sloe jelly or something. Polly didn't like the shooting and she was growling at the noise all the time. It didn't bother me, I am used to a lot of noise living with Polly.
7th September
Got a big parcel delivered to me this morning. My big bag of complete chicken dog food arrived from the Laughing Dog Company that I won when Boss Woman sent my picture into a competition. I had some for my tea and it was really lovely, you could certainly taste the chicken in it, I like it a lot. Mmmmm. When Boss Woman took a video of me and Amber the other week in the Forest, well she has now uploaded it to You Tube for everyone to see what a good swimmer I am. Boss Woman said because I am black and shiny that when I am swimming, I look like a seal. Well, I do have sharp teeth like a seal and I DO like eating fish. I shared Polly's chicken biscuits for my tea as well. I really liked them. The bag top wasn't fastened very well and some of them spilled out onto the lawn, so I ate them as well.
2nd September
What a good day we have had today. Been down to Kinnaber this afternoon and went in the woods, over the sand dunes to the beach and went swimming in the sea. THEN when we got back, I found out I had won a competition run by Laughing Dog Food Company and have won a big bag of chicken complete dog food. Oooh, I am even more famous now. The picture that Boss Woman sent in was the one with me in the water with a stick. In fact, it was down at Kinnaber that the picture was taken. Well, Polly had better share it with me.
25th August
We were ages in the Forest today. Boss Woman was taking pictures of me swimming in the burn, with her video camera. Don't know why because she doesn't even know how to download them onto her computer. Think she needs help ....
23rd August
I went with Boss Woman this afternoon to do a home check for someone who wanted a Staffie from the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue, Scotland. The woman was really nice and spoiling me and she gave me loads of biscuits. She said she wanted a dog just like me to adopt. Well I liked her as well, but I don't need rehoming and I would rather stay with Boss Woman, thankyou very much ...
22nd August
Boss Woman has just found out that there is a dog fighting ring in Aberdeen which is very near where we live. Boss Woman is always very careful about watching me and Amber and she never ever would leave us unatteneded outside a shop or anywhere else, luckily for us, as the dogs that are being stolen are used as baiting dogs. Baiting dogs are used for fighting dogs to practise fighting with. What a shame that my fellow dogs are used in this way by uncaring cruel vile people who train and force these dogs to fight other dogs just to get money for them in betting which dog wins or loses. Trouble is then, that these poor dogs get a bad name and put to sleep forever and the owners are not punished at all. Doesn't seem fair somehow. Well I don't want stealing so I had better make sure I stay near Boss Woman all the time, because SHE will sort them out.
12th August
Went to Fetteresso Forest today for a VERY long walk and Boss Woman sort of got us lost again. Luckily she managed to find her way out, just in time for tea. When we got back to the car park, there was a car with 2 people in the back seat. The man had no trousers on, so I went to have a good look at them. Boss Woman said the name for that was called Dogging. Well of course it was, after all .... I am a Dog! My feet were hot and tired so I jumped in the burn with Polly for a drink of water and to cool my hot feet. Me and Polly were eating Raspberries from the Forest, they were really nice.
8th August
I heard Boss Woman talking about all these less than normal morons rioting in the cities. She says they should be put in a chain gang and made to clean it up and then they should be jailed. Nasty thugs they are. If I attacked anyone I would be put to sleep forever. What about all these humans that are rioting, thieving, murdering and attacking people then? Will they be put to sleep forever? No ... they will probably get away with it. THAT can't be fair. Is it because I am dog? What about animal rights?
7th August
Had a lovely walk down to the sea this morning. Boss Woman was busy filming me and Amber with her Video machine, she is supposed to be making a video to go with my CD then uploading it to you tube or something. Don't think she will succeed ~ she is not very technically minded. Ha ha. A woman down Catterline was chatting to Boss Woman and apologised for her fast driving ~ apparently she had heard Boss Woman shouting STUPID SPACKER at her as she drove past us last week at high speed and almost ran us over. Thing is, this silly woman has a dog as well and you would think she would drive more carefully on these quiet country roads. I agree with Boss Woman. Mmmm We had steak for dinner.
6th August
When I was born in the Dog Rescue, Auntie Tracie looked after me until Boss Woman took me when I was 7 weeks old. Auntie Tracie had a very nice black and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Bandit. My mother did not like him. In fact and she bit him. Anyway, Bandit has been very poorly recently and today Auntie Tracie took him to the vet to be put to sleep forever. He was 15 years old. Bandit was a lovely dog and looked after all the dogs and puppies that Auntie Tracie looked after for the Rescue. He used to cuddle up to them and look after them because he knew that they needed a cuddle after being taken into Rescue. Poor Bandit was very cruelly treat and not very well when Auntie Tracie took him into Rescue either and she looked after him and kept him and made him better. In fact if it wasn't for Auntie Tracie looking after him, he would have died a long time ago. Goodnight Bandit, Auntie Tracie says he is now a star in the sky and watching out for me. I will look at the sky tonight to see if I can see him shining. It was my 4th birthday yesterday. I didn't get any presents because Boss Woman said I had everything I need BUT I did get a very long run in the fields, which I really liked a lot. Happy birthday to me... Boss Woman DID sing Happy Birthday to me this morning.
31st July
I am NOT scared of the cat okay? Just because I stand really still when our cat walks past me just means I don't want to scare her NOT because I am scared of her. Whatever Boss Woman says.
26th July
What an exciting day we have had. Boss Woman took us on a new path in he Forest, we have never been on before. The path was blocked by fallen trees so we went round them, THEN she got us completely lost, so we ended up climbing a barbed wire fence and through a load of bog and heather with millions of flies biting us. Then we had to walk back on the road back to the car BUT she hadn't taken our leads so she tied us together with a boot lace and walked us back on the busy main road. What a palaver. It's a good job me and Amber are good and walked nicely on lead, with only a boot lace to stop us running into the main road. We enjoyed ourself a lot, running about in the Forest and the heather, but Boss Woman got attacked by tree branches and was not amused and got angry with a branch that poked her on the head.
Seems like we will be moving away soon, down to south of England, so adventures, new walks and new challenges ahead! It was great running about in the bog and the heather. Me and Polly played chasing in the high bracken and Boss Woman couldn't see where we were.

25th July

Only went a short walk in Dunnottar Woods today because it was raining and silly Boss Woman didn't have a coat with her, we still found rabbits to chase though. We were walking with a MASSIVE Irish Wolfhound called Murphy. He was about 25 times the size of me but he still wasn't brave enough to take my stick off me!
20th July
Had a really nice walk today up to the forest. We walked on Elsick Mounth Drovers Road, apparently it has been used since AD682. Wow. Just think of all those cattle and horses walking over the same moor that me and Amber were walking on, all those years ago. Me and Polly were chasing rabbits all over the place, it was great fun but we didn't catch any.
19th July
Rained really hard today when we went for a walk in the forest and we all got soaked wet through. We walked to Mulloch Hill Stone Circle, Boss Woman said it dated from 3,500 years ago. Boss Woman was really interested and took loads of pictures of it. I just thought it was a load of dirty old stones myself and didn't see what the fuss was about. There was about a million flies, all biting me at the same time and they were driving me mad. Then we walked over the hill to the other side but I didn't like it there and even though Boss Woman tried to make me go, I wouldn't. There was just something spooky about it and the rain made a very strange noise and I didn't like at all. Luckily Boss Woman understood what I was trying to tell her and so we all went back to the car.

2nd July

The black cat that always fights with Keira, our cat, got run over today by a red tractor and trailer driving too fast past our house. What a mess. Blood everywhere and the cat's eye was popping out. Big Guy buried it under our plum tree. I shall miss chasing it down the fields.
1st July
Great fun today in the Forest. Boss Woman met up with Lisa from woofpacks and went for a doggie pack walk in Fetteresso Forest. 9 of us dogs altogether. Spike was one SPOILT dog. Every time one of us got a stick, he kept pinching it. The brown labrador was really stinky because he went rolling in poo, the black dog was really annoying and kept jumping on all of us and and the little brown dog didn't play with us because he had little legs and was a bit tired with walking all that way. Even so, we all got on really well and ran about the Forest chasing things for almost 2 hours. Spike pinched my stick, even though I growled at him. He IS bit a naughty but I liked being with all the other dogs AND Lisa made a big fuss of me. At the end of the walk we all went paddling in the puddle and got muddy. Hee Hee.
30th June
Had a not very nice walk today NW of Banchory on the River Dee, it was horrible. First of all the footpath went at the side of the golf course and one nasty mentally challenged idiot deliberately aimed a golf ball at us which nearly hit us, so we went down to the other path at the River Dee but the path there was narrow and overgrown with thistles and other sharp stabby weeds then the path went past a house where it said private garden. Well, the path went right through the garden so we followed it, excercising our freeedom to roam (right of access) and a snarling gamekeeper dressed all in green came out and told us off. We were glad to get home where we can walk anywhere and not get into trouble with nasty people. Glad we won't be going there again that is for sure, which is probably the idea to put people off walking there anyway AND it rained and thundered.
14th May
Finished our very long walk now, so read about my adventures on my walk page.
3rd May
Walked down to the sea yesterday and went paddling. Just as I was stood there in the water, a MASSIVE seal came really close to me. Yikes! Have you ever seen a seal with such BIG teeth! Anyway, luckily for the seal, Boss Woman called me out of the water. I mean, I have BIG teeth as well ....
2nd May
We went to see Ed yesterday in Laurencekirk, the guy who is copying my CDs for me. He likes me and said I was a very nice dog. It is exciting that I get some CDs with songs about me and all for a good cause as well, to help other dogs in Rescue that aren't as lucky as I am.
29th April
We had a nice 12 mile walk in Glen Dye today and climbed up to Clachnaben. I played chasing with a puppy in the heather, he was a mini English Bull Terrier x Patterdale Terrier. He could run really fast as well. It was really warm and sunny and me and Amber went paddling in the River at the bottom of the hill.
25th April
Went over to Loch Muick and climbed Broad Cairn today. Boss Woman was walking really slow because there were loads big boulders on the top of the hill she was scared of falling over. Me and Amber had no bother, we just jumped from one to another. I went searching for sandwiches on the top from some women, but no one would share. Mean they were, didn't they know I was starving after all that climbing and walking?
18th March
We went down to the Wasdale in the Lake District yesterday and today we climbed Great Gable to celebrate Boss Woman's birthday. It was a big steep climb with massive rocks to climb over. It was worth it though, because when we got to the top, some people at the top shared their sausage roll and sandwiches with me. Then we went walking over to Sprinkling Tarn where I had a drink of very cold water from the Tarn. We got to go to the pub for dinner and I shared some of Boss Woman's chicken pie because she didn't like it.
12th March

Hello everybody. I'm back, after a very long time. Boss Woman has been really busy and she didn't have time to do my dog blog. Anyway, she is back on the case now and has also made me a brand new website, with loads of new pictures and stuff. Loads of things have happened since my last blog, in May 2010.
We walked the West Highland Way in May 2010 and I raised £845 in total for the Staffie Rescues and we also did loads of nice walks and mountain climbing during the summer.

I am very sad to say that our old cat Gnipper had to be taken to the vets to be put to sleep. She was almost 18 years old and she was very poorly. Boss Woman stayed with her and cuddled her while the vet gave her an injection (the cat that is, NOT Boss Woman) and then she went to sleep for ever. Big Guy buried her under the Eucalyptus Tree, where she often used to sit when she was alive.
We have another cat now called evil Keira. She is nasty and grumpy and she even bit Boss Woman. Boss Woman got her from the Cat Rescue. Apparently her owner got sent to jail so she needed a new home. Why we didn't get a nice friendly one, I don't know. It even lashes at me and Amber when we chase it. I am a bit scared of it, unless Amber is with me to help me chase it. Boss Woman tells us off for chasing the stupid cat, I am only helping by making it leave home so we can get a nice friendly one.

Me and Amber went for a walk in Fetteresso Forest just before Christmas and Amber got poked in the eye with a branch. Her eye was full of blood and it was running down her nose and Boss Woman had to take her to the vets to have some special cream put in her eye. She is okay now, luckily she didn't go blind.
Another time walking in Fetteresso Forest, I cut my ear on some barbed wire and it sliced it from one side to the other. Blood everywhere. Luckily Boss Woman had her first aid kit with her and stopped it bleeding and put me some magic cream on to make it better.

Boss Woman went floating off to Bruges and Venice without me, then she went floating off to the Andes, Peru, to walk the Inca Trail, again without me as well. Considering she is scared of heights, it was very brave of her.

Anyway, our next big trip is when we go walking the Ridgeway in May, which I am looking forward to very much. I like walking, I like walking a long way, which is just as well the amount of mountains we climb and long walks we do ...