Ridgeway 2011 87 miles
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Friday 6th May
Avebury ~
Ogbourne St. George 9.5 miles
Stayed at Brown's Farm, Marlborough last night. The very nice lady there dropped us off at the start of the walk at Avebury Hill. Met Cara Staffie and her nice owner and then walked on the easy Ridgeway path over to Ogbourne St. George. Unfortunately on the way down to Ogbourne St. George there was some cows in the field right next to the path. Ooooh Boss Woman was so scared. Luckily the cows didn't chase us and we arrived at Lavender House B & B without getting gored to death.

Saturday 7th May
Ogbourne St. George ~ Uffington 12 miles
Set off in the heavy rain this morning so Boss Woman put my raincoat on, the one that Pets at Home donated me when I walked the West Highland Way last year. Walked uphill out of Ogbourne St. George, through some trees and on an interesting ancient sunken path and then still walking uphill to Round Hill, then over the M4 motorway to Fox Hill and then on to Charlbury Hill (where there is supposed to be a famous crop circle, but we never saw it). We almost got run over by 2 idiotic men on bikes, who came down the hill so fast that they almost skidded into us. Boss Woman called them stupid idiots. I climbed on the burial mound at Wayland Smithy and had a good sniffy walk around but didn't find any bones or see any ghosts, luckily. A nice level walk then on to White Horse Hill at Uffington where Fenella met us in her car to take us to her very nice comfortable B & B in Uffington village. Got to go to the Fox and Hounds pub for tea and shared Boss Woman's chicken and bacon dinner and some of Big Guy's ham egg and chips. Mmm very tasty it was as well.

Sunday 8th May
Uffington ~ East Hendred 12.5 miles
A bit chilly and damp this morning. Very nice steady walk past a hill fort and over the top. Most of the day we had a view of Didcot Power Station, but the walk was still very nice until we got nearer East Hendred, with crab apple, sloe and hawthorne blossom giving a very nice smell all the day and making me sneeze. A big black labrador pinched my stick as well but it's owner told it off so I got it back and 2 fat Jack Russell dogs tried to nip me but I kept out of their way. Walked down to East Hendred passing the Harwell Nuclear Research Laboratory and always with Didcot Power Station in view, so it wasn't very pleasant AND a Collie kept trying to bite me but I growled at it just to let it know it had better NOT ! The walk down to East Hendred was 2.5 miles not the 1.25 as the woman at the B & B woman had said and it was a long downhill unpleasant walk. Susie Turnbull the B & B woman was supposed to pick us up but changed her mind a few days before. If Boss Woman had known she was going to be difficult she could have booked somewhere else. It was horrible staying at Susie Turnbull's Monks Court B & B. She was not very friendly at all. The room where I was supposed to sleep was smelly with the fumes from the Central Heating boiler which seemed to have some sort of problem. The room where Boss Woman slept was dirty and there was even a birthday card chewed by mice left under the bedside cabinet that had been there a long time, along with a lot of filth as well. The mattress had black bits all over it and Boss Woman complained that the mattress cover was dirty and torn, the pillowcases were unironed, rubbish from the previous occupants was left in the bathroom bin and that the fire escape was supposed to be through the very narrow window or the garage. Boss Woman was so impressed that she took loads of pictures of the room to show everyone. Boss Woman didn't like it either when the cat was stalking around the breakfast table and she was only given 1 slice of toast for breakfast. We were all really glad to leave there.She was a stingy miserable woman.

Monday 9th May
East Hendred ~ Nuffield 18 miles
A very nice walk with lovely views and a nice wide grassy path. Walked through a tunnel under the A34 where some morons had scrawled scruffy graffitti over a beautifully painted mural depicting local scenes. There was a stinking midden in a field that we could smell half a mile away. Met Daisy and Jess, 2 labradors, one of which was a Rescue dog like me. Downhill past a dismantled railway, on an ancient sunken path then climbed steeply uphill, then down again. Stopped for lunch in a lovely meadow and saw some white butterflies with orange wing tips, which I enjoyed chasing but I didn't catch any though. Walked further on and then over a bridge into Streatley where Boss Woman bought some sun glasses because she had very sore eyes with sunburn ~ she didn't bring hers because she didn't expect it to be so hot and sunny. THEY bought an ice cream but didn't share it with me, all I got was a stale doggie biscuit and a shrare of their sandwich. Walked on the Thames path up to Goring and South Stoke. My back foot got really sore and cut from the very sharp flint path we have been walking on so Boss Woman put some Tea Tree ointment on a a baby sock to pad it ... not very fashionable but it DID stop it hurting. I saw (and chased) loads of squirrels, but they ran up the trees where I couldn't reach and we walked on another ancient sunken path called Grimms Dyke. When we got to North Stoke, Eric the young Border Terrier kept following us so his Boss Woman came and picked him up and took him home. Stayed at Diana's lovely Bed and Breakfast which was nice and clean and welcoming. I was glad when we got there because it was a long walk today and I was very tired.

Tuesday 10th May
Nuffield ~ Chinnor 11 miles
A very nice walk, starting off uphill through a field of oil seed rape and past Ewelme Park where I saw a Peacock. It was stood on the hedge looking down on me making a horrible loud noise. Stupid bird. Walked through some woods where I saw some more squirrels to chase. I had a play with a big black Labrador and a Spaniel. The path here was very slippy and stoney so Boss Woman and Big Guy had to be careful walking down. I was okay, I just ran down as fast as I could to show them how to do it. Further on at the side of the path we saw a gypsy caravan and some horses, so I went to have a sniffy sniffy with one of the horses. It was MASSIVE. The path itself was a bit uneven where it had been worn away by hundreds of feet and paws walking on it over many years. Further on we all had a quick nap on the grass before we walked past the chalk quarry, down into Chinnor and on to Henton where we stayed the night. On the way down, Big Guy fell off the very narrow pavement. He CAN be a bit clumsy sometimes ... Went to Peacock pub for tea, where I got to share Big Guy's dinner and everyone made a big fuss of me. The Bed and Breakfast where we stayed was a really old house. I thought it might have been haunted but I didn't see any ghosts, maybe because I fell asleep straight away so I probably missed them.

Wednesday 11th May
Chinnor ~ Wendover 13 miles
Walked through Wainhill to join the Ridgeway again then through some woods. There was some black bullocks in the fields where the path went and seeing Boss Woman is scared of cows, we had to detour into another field so we didn't walk past them. I could have scared them away but Big Guy kept me on lead The path went around the back of Princes Risborough but it was not very nice here as it was busier with a lot more cars and people. We met someone with a Jack Russell puppy and the woman picked it up in case I attacked it. Sigh .... as if. Boss Woman told her that I certainly would NOT attack it and that I liked all dogs, so she put it down on the floor and I had a sniffy with it. The woman looked quite relieved when I didn't eat it. Ha Ha. Went past a pub in Casden where someone called David Cameron goes for a pint. Further on, someone had snapped the Ridgeway sign off and their garden hose was spraying over the path, I think someone was trying to tell us that they didn't like the path going past their house. It started raining so I had to wear my raincoat. Some guy called Andy caught us up and was walking with us for a while. He made a fuss of me and told us that his wife couldn't finish the walk because she had very sore feet, then we limbed up a small hill to Combe HIll and down into Wendover. We had to catch the train from Wendover to Great Missenden to stay the night because NOWHERE in Wendover would let ME stay. Seemingly no one in Wendover likes dogs ... ah well, their loss ... they missed out on my licky kisses, serves them right. Stayed at a really nice place called the George Inn in Great Missenden. Everyone liked me there and made me very welcome and a really nice woman brought me loads of gammon scraps for my tea. Big Guy and Boss Woman had their tea and a beer in the pub. Only trouble was, I was tired and wanted to sleep but everyone kept wanting to make a fuss of me all the time and stroking me and talking to me. Yawwwnn.

Thursday 12th May
Wendover ~ Ivinghoe Beacon 11 miles
Nice and warm and sunny today. Caught the train back to Wendover this morning and continued the walk. On the way from the train station there was a squirrel on the path and it was in such a hurry to get away from me that it ran up a tree and fell off again, right in front of me on the path. Fortunately for the squirrel I was on lead so I wasn't able to chase it ... Next time .. The path here was very pleasant, through some woods and then walked on another leafy ancient sunken path. The path was nice and soft of my feet, which made a change after the hard flint path we had previously been walking on and the woods had plenty of nice interesting things to smell. We walked through a field of nosey cows that looked like they were going to come and say hello. I was carrying a stick in my mouth and couldn't be bothered chasing them so Big Guy let me stay off lead. The guy called Andy caught us up again and walked with us for a while. Walked across the A41 bridge, round the back of Tring Station and back on the grassy path. Bit of a climb up towards Beacon Hill and there were some guys taking advantage of the windy exposure on the hill by flying model gliders. In fact one crashed so I think the guy needs a more practise! I sat on the top of the Trig Point for a photo. It was really windy and nearly blew my ears off. Just another little bit to walk on then we got to the end BEACON HILL and the end of the walk. From Beacon Hill we could see a white chalk lion cut into the Hillside. On all of the walk, we have seen a few white horses cut into the chalky hillside, which Boss Woman found interesting but I didn't think they were .. just a white blob thing on the grass as far as I am concerned.