VIEWRANGER 1000 MILE CHALLENGE 2018 we raised £200 for Dogs on the Streets. Not a lot, but every little bit helps. We are undertaking the challenge in 2019 as well. Once again, money going to Dogs on the Streets. A very worthy cause.

EARLY STAGES yet but Boss Woman is considering having some Polly lookalikes made, she is going to call them Mukipups. They will be made in England, fully jointed, made with mohair. Personally I think I am much better looking than those furry creatures. All enquiries welcome. Email me if you are interested in a future purchase of a Polly lookalike. No orders are being taken yet.


MUKI BEAR , the bear that travels is here (almost). January 2018 the Muki Bears are going to be made. 10" limited edition and numbered. He has a green canvas made in England rucsack with a miniature pen, notebook and world map (so you don't get lost). The idea is that when my Boss Woman goes travelling (she has just come back from Rome without me) that the bear will go with her and travels recorded. NOT a cuddly fluffy bear, but a tough, sturdy 10" bear, made with strong Yorkshire tweed. Extra MUKI BEARS are being made so everyone else can take one on their travels with them as well.
New companion ..... no, not another dog! A bear. A bear that travels places with Boss Woman, when for reasons unknown to me I can't go with her. This is a bear with a difference. THE BEAR will have it's own website and will also be on sale for anyone to buy so they can also have a travelling companion. It doesn't even exist yet. It is a numbered limited edition 10" bear, fully jointed, hand made, in England, with English Tweed, as we speak. Cost £115 each, includes postage to mainland UK. It will be ready and made by January 2018. More on this later ....... but it is very interesting ....
August 2017
New picture page showing random pictures. I was there when they were all taken, but for some reason only known to Boss Woman, she didn't allow me to be in them!
May 2017
Famous again !
March 2017
A very nice lady called Sophie liked the video of me chasing geese, which incidentally had already taken flight by the time I started chasing them, so we are going to be on television again. Not sure which channel because it is one of those programmes where dogs do funny things, it is called "Teach my pet to do that". Boss Woman had to sign a release form that gives them permission to show it anywhere in the world, in perpetuity. Fine by me. The more people know how clever I am, the better.
We are back on the television again. To B & B The Best is being repeated on Channel 5, Tuesday night 7.00 - 8.00 p.m. We are episode 13 so it should be shown sometime at the end of March 2017.

ViewRanger Outdoor Challenges

Whether you're a city stroller or a hardcore hiker, this is the challenge for you. The goal is simple - choose the distance you want to complete in 2017, then lace up your boots and start walking. You've got until 31 December to reach your goal.

1000 mile challenge
January 2017
Me, Amber and Boss Woman (sometimes Big Guy) are taking part in the Viewranger challenge to walk 1000 miles in 2017. You can sponsor us if you want, with money going to my friends at
1p per mile would get £10. We probably would do more than 1000 miles anyway, maybe even 1400 but we have signed up for 1000.

Wish us luck!!

image Met Noel Fitzpatrick
June 2016 and we went to the Dogfest at Windsor Great Park and met Noel Fitzpatrick. Such a nice genuine man.

On the television
March 2016 saw us go down to Golant in Cornwall to be filmed (as test guests) for a new Channel 5 programme called to B & B the Best. Shown in June 2016.